Innovation brokers scheme exhausted in one month

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This year, the Topsector Energy made a subsidy of € 100,000 available for the hiring of an innovation broker by SMEs. Entrepreneurs were able to apply for a financial contribution via TKI Urban Energy, TKI Nieuw Gas, TKI Energie & Industrie and TKI Wind op Zee - as part of the Topsector Energy. In total, 12 SMEs that are developing innovative products or services related to the Climate and Energy Transition (under Mission A, B and C), have heard that they receive a maximum subsidy of € 10,000 to hire specialist knowledge from so-called innovation brokers.

An 'innovation broker' can assist SME entrepreneurs in, among other things: developing a business plan, patent advice, attracting investors, deal closing around financing or setting up project consortia with other companies and/or knowledge institutions.

“The subsidy scheme was exhausted within a short time. It is a clear signal that entrepreneurs have a strong need for expert advice in areas which nor is part of their daily activity, nor is within their field of competence They need a fresh perspective and expert knowledge that is necessary to take their business and innovation a step further, ”says Martin Weissmann, of the Financing Desk of the Topsector Energy . “The Topsector Energy stimulates the 'creation side' of innovation in many ways. With this scheme, among others, the Topsector Energy is helping entrepreneurs to 'valorize' their innovation, and thereby accelerate the energy transition”.

In the coming period, the Topsector Energy will examine whether more resources can be made available in the future for this innovation brokerage scheme, which has proved popular.