Is fouling on ladders, platforms, decks and boat landings a problem?

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Join the Joint Industry Project: Managing unwanted bio-fouling on marine infrastructure


A colourful community of fouling organisms on marine infrastructure may benefit the biodiversity of the ecosystem. However, there are many situations in which such communities are less welcomed. Sharp shells or slippery algal mats cause unsafe situations, thick layers of fouling organisms hamper efficient inspection of the underlying structure while increasing the risk of microbial induced corrosion to occur, and large volumes of organisms add weight and increase the impact of water currents on offshore objects.

Wageningen Marine Research is currently developing a proposal for the Offshore Wind R&D Projects call, that aims at selecting the best options to prevent the development of unwanted fouling on offshore infrastructure. Apart from testing the potential of readily available technologies in practice, we are inspired by field observations to develop an alternative biological control method that stimulates the formation of fouling communities with low impact or even with protective features.

Wageningen Marine Research is looking for industrial partners that want to be involved and contribute to this development. You can benefit from the developed knowledge and anti-fouling methods. Possibly you can make your offshore installations available for field tests. In case of interest, comments or questions please contact without any obligation,  Edwin Foekema of Wageningen Marine Research. You can also contact him by phone: + 31 (0)317 487 122.