Extra budget for hiring Innovation broker exhausted in 1 day

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For the second time this year, the budget of € 100,000 for hiring an innovation broker was quickly exhausted. Many SME entrepreneurs applied for a financial contribution (100% of the costs could be reimbursed) on the day of the opening on 15 September. After drawing lots, the Top Sector Energy has informed 12 entrepreneurs that they are eligible for a maximum financial contribution of € 10,000 per company.

Not selected? Or are you interested in hiring an innovation broker? 50% reimbursement of costs of innovation broker is still possible

Fortunately, there is still budget available for hiring an innovation broker where 50% of the costs incurred are reimbursed up to a maximum of 10,000 euros per SME (including VAT). Until the end of the year, entrepreneurs from TKI Energy & Industry, TKI Nieuw Gas, TKI Urban Energy and TKI Wind op Zee as part of the Topsector Energy can make use of this. There is still budget available for approximately 3 to 5 applications. So quickly apply for compensation.

For whom is this interesting?

The scheme is intended for start-ups and SME entrepreneurs who are working on pioneering energy innovations. They regularly face many challenges. They sometimes lack expertise in certain areas and find it difficult to hire an innovation broker due to their limited financial resources.

What can you ask an innovation broker?

An innovation broker can assist SME entrepreneurs with, among other things: developing a business plan, patent advice, attracting investors, closing deals on financing or setting up consortia with other companies and / or knowledge institutions *.

Applications can be submitted until December 1, 2020 and must be completed before December 15, 2020. The scheme will run as long as the subsidy budget is still available.

For more information:

Please, find more information here.

For specific questions, please contact Martin Weissmann of the Financing Desk.

* Excluded from the subsidy is the hiring of an innovation broker for the specific purpose of having a subsidy application drawn up. Out of pocket costs, such as patent application costs, are also excluded and the subsidy is only intended for those who themselves develop innovative technologies with the aim of scaling up and / or entering the market.