Dutch Research Agenda - Theme: Ecology & North Sea

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This NWO call for proposals calls upon knowledge institutions and other interested parties to develop research projects aimed to provide the missing necessary knowledge concerning the interaction between ecology and the physical aspects of wind farms on the Dutch part of the North Sea. The consortia will work in an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary manner with the involvement of the entire knowledge chain.


The aim of the programme Ecology and North Sea is to develop knowledge across the entire chain concerning the specific interaction between ecology and the physical aspects of wind turbines and wind farms and to provide an action perspective for policy, implementation and practice. The programme focuses on crucial interactions and possible bottlenecks, such as interactions between wind turbines and birds or bats, and the effects on the ecosystem's capacity. Providing a hard substrate and an undisturbed seafloor are examples of interactions that provide ecological opportunities.

Who can apply

Proposals must be submitted by a consortium representing the broad knowledge chain.

What to apply

The NWO contribution that can be applied for per proposal is at least 600,000 euro and at most 750,000 euro. Proposals have a minimum duration of two years and a maximum duration of three years. Budget for the following modules /categories can be applied for: Personnel costs, Material costs, investments; Knowledge utilisation; Internationalisation and Money follows Cooperation.

When to apply

The deadline for submitting proposals is 24th of October 2019, at 14:00 uur CE(S)T.


Have a look at the NWO website for the assesment criteria.