CAREER, mission accomplished

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When founding, CAREER's goal was to make itself redundant as soon as possible. In the intervening period, CAREER has acted as a connector and driver for putting education, business and employment issues on the agenda for education and business.

After several years we see that CAREER has succeeded in its ambitions. The number of training institutions working on various forms of education in wind is growing. Cooperation with the business community is becoming more intensive. In addition, the business world is also increasingly moving in the field of applied research. The research commissioned by TKI Wind op Zee, conducted by the Center of Expertise Water & Energy, has given much more insight that into employment, both qualitatively and quantitatively.  The Teach the Teacher-initiative for example, which was initiated by CAREER, has become a successful program and has even been nominated for the Public Outreach Award 2019. The board therefore believes that the time is now ripe to fully transfer the baton to the "market".

On November 15th CAREER will organise its last event Utrecht to explore and establish the next steps to be taken regarding the Human Capital theme. Interested to visit this event? Please notify Bastiaan Vader of NWEA.