Are you one of the startups or scale-ups interested in pitching at the upcoming Energy Investor Day?

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Energy Investor Day Maart 2023

Register now and find your investor on 30 March 2023!

Energy Investor Day, a success for several innovative entrepreneurs, including Zenon Energy, IM Efficiency, and XINTC. During this matchmaking event, up to six companies present their investment offerings to 30 to 40 energy transition-oriented investors (including members of the Energy Investor Community).

Are you looking to raise venture capital to fund your innovation?

The companies that pitch are usually in an "early stage" or "early growth" phase and are looking for a capital injection of €100,000 to €2 million.

Are you experiencing rapid growth, or does your business process involve high development costs, and is the route-to-market still long?

Looking for an investor?

For a chance to pitch in March, register by 9 March 2023.


The selection process consists of the following steps:

1. You register before 9 March 2023.

2.  You send a pitch deck with the investment proposition.

3.  KplusV conducts a brief initial inventory with you.

4.  If there appears to be a match between the innovation and the company, a second screening follows.

5.  Among other things, KplusV assesses to what extent the financing strategy fits the life phase of your company.

6.  Result of the selection.

  • If you are selected, KplusV will assist you in preparing your presentation during Energy Investor Day.
  • If you are not selected, you will receive follow-up advice from the Financing Desk.

7.  You give a pitch during Energy Investor Day.

8.  If investors are interested, we will put you in contact with each other.

Learn more about Energy Investor Day here(in Dutch)

Financing Desk of Energy Innovation NL is organising Energy Investor Day this time in  close cooperation with Oost NL and KplusV. The event will take place at Specialized at the Arnhems-Buiten site in Arnhem.

Register now!


Energy Investor Day in December 2022. ​