Additional opening of the MOOI scheme for system solutions for renewable electricity

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System integration

An additional round of the MOOI scheme is expected to open soon. Focused on system solutions to prepare the energy system for large amounts of renewable electricity. To this end there is a cross-sectoral collaboration between parties.

The Missiegedreven Onderzoek, Ontwikkeling en Innovatie (MOOI) scheme stimulates innovative solutions to reduce CO2 emissions in the Netherlands. Cooperation with a clear relationship between activities, aimed at concrete results is emphasized to increase the likelihood for success. The new opening is particularly aimed at system solutions that fit large-scale generation of renewable electricity. How do we increase the adaptability of large quantities of renewable electricity and the flexibility of the energy system?

Crossover large-scale generation and consumption

The MOOI scheme opens every two years. The next general opening (with all themes) will take place in 2022. This year's additional round focuses on sector-transcending system solutions. Parties form broad partnerships in which they develop innovations for various links of generation, transport and distribution, storage and conversion, and consumption. Their solutions concern the generation of renewable electricity plus at least 1 of the other 3 links. The partnerships are decisive. They represent different roles in the chain, including preferably the role of the end user.

Application of innovations by 2030 at the latest

The submitted projects have a maximum duration of 4 years and the innovations must be implemented by 2030 at the latest. This does not mean large scale implementation, but can be done in a demonstration phase.  Low social costs is an important principle, think of limited system costs and limited consequences for fellow users and ecology. Next to this societal support is needed.

Budget and planning

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy is expected to provide funds (approximately € 13 million) for the MOOI scheme. Interested parties can form a partnership and submit a pre-proposal no later than 4 May. This pre-registration is mandatory. An advice on the pre-registrations will follow in June, after that, the cooperating parties can submit their final application until September 7 this year. An assessment committee assesses all complete applications. Projects that meet all criteria and score the highest are eligible for subsidy.

Information and advice

Do you have a suitable innovation, but are you in need of a partnership? Would you like to join an existing association or can your partnership use additional partners? The Top Consortia for Knowledge and Innovation (TKIs) advise you on this. RVO supports you with advice and information about the MOOI scheme.

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