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  • On Wednesday, October 9,  The Netherlands' Long-Term Offshore Wind R&D Agenda will be presented at the Offshore Energy Exhibition in the RAI Amsterdam, from 10:00 – 11:00 hrs in the room Amtrium 1.
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  • After a year of successfully testing the Slip Joint connection, the DOT wind turbine is decommissioned and brought back to shore. With the removal of the DOT wind turbine all phases of this concept’s lifetime are investigated and successfully put to the test.
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  • NWO facilitates excellent, curiosity-driven disciplinary, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research. ENW PPS Fund
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  • Pioneering SME: Seaqualize
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  • This NWO call for proposals calls upon knowledge institutions and other interested parties to develop research projects aimed to provide the missing necessary knowledge concerning the interaction between ecology and the physical aspects of wind farms on the Dutch part of the North Sea.
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  • ENW PPS Fund The Science PPP Fund intends to promote cooperation and transfer of knowledge between universities and companies. The Fund welcomes new initiatives that fit within the roadmaps of the Topsectors Chemistry, Energy, HTSM, Agri & Food and ICT. Verification of the fit ('passendheidstoets') is carried out by the relevant TKI.
  • Dear all,
  • After the success of the first two Innovation Challenges, Offshore Wind Innovators starts with a new Challenge in september 2019. 
  • Every company needs financing to grow. The various sources of funding have their own conditions, advantages and disadvantages. To get more insight in how and where to source financing for your innovation, InnovatieLink organises a Masterclass Finance on September 19, 2019.
  • Since 1 July entrepreneurs in offshore wind energy who are in need of financing for their innovation and want to know how and where they could find it, can contact the Financieringsloket. These short consultations can be compared to a doctor visit: analysis, diagnosis and advice. InnovatieLink will provide this free service to entrepreneurs in the energy industry.