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  • At the end of October the rules for the tender of the offshore site for demonstration of innovative offshore wind technology, Borssele site V, have been published in the official journal (Staatscourant).
  • The project and site description (PSD) is designed to help any party with an interest in participating in the planned SDE+ grant and permit tender for the Borssele Wind Farm Site V, Innovation Site (BWFS V) in the Borssele Wind Farm Zone in The Netherlands.
  • The Ministerial Order for Offshore Wind Energy 2017
  • The TKI Wind op Zee made a film about the developments in the offshore wind world. It shows which steps have been taken and the past year and shows the strengths of the Dutch sector.  The TKI Wind op Zee made this film for the sector. All stakeholders active in wind energy that shortly want to show what is happening can use this film. 
  • This animation about the Dutch offshore wind sector was launched during the Match Making Day 2016.   This animation shows in two and a half minutes what will happen the coming years of offshore wind in the Netherlands. It also shows the strengths of Dutch the offshore wind sector.