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  • This year, the Topsector Energy made a subsidy of € 100,000 available for the hiring of an innovation broker by SMEs. Entrepreneurs were able to apply for a financial contribution via TKI Urban Energy, TKI Nieuw Gas, TKI Energie & Industrie and TKI Wind op Zee - as part of the Topsector Energy.
    Financieringsloket, Topsector Algemeen
  • From 1 September, the Renewable Energy (HER) subsidy module will change into the broader Renewable Energy Transition (HER +). Various types of projects that lead to cost-effective CO2 reduction may be eligible for the HER +.
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  • Pioneering SME: TouchWind
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  • Subsidy for SME entrepreneurs
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  • The pre-proposal for the new Mission-Driven Research, Development and Innovation (MOOI) scheme has been closed. Until 18 May, cooperating parties were able to submit a first outline of innovative solutions to achieve the climate goals. RVO received more than 125 pre-proposals for projects.
    TKI Biobased Economy, Digitalisering, Human Capital Agenda, Financieringsloket, Topsector Algemeen
  • From May 28 until September 1, entrepreneurs can apply for the challenges by presenting either a concept or a proved solution in the 4th Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge.
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  • All Dutch companies, organizations and knowledge institutions are affected by the current crisis. The implementation and financing projects that include PPP Allowance may face delay due to the measures taken in the light of Covid-19.
    TKI Biobased Economy, Topsector Algemeen
  • Top Sector Energy and New Energy Coalition provide insight into financing options
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  • This year the Topsector Energie is making a subsidy available for the hiring of an ‘innovation broker’ by SMEs. Unlike other years, the compensation for hiring an innovation broker is not 50% but 100% of the costs incurred, up to a maximum of 10,000 euros per SME.
    Financieringsloket, Topsector Algemeen
  • Within the climate agreement, the North Sea has been designated as an important future contributor to the Dutch green energy supply by means of large scale wind farms. Between the turbines of these wind farms, large areas are available that can be used for food production, alternative energy production and nature development.