Knowledge system integration


In the system integration file, we look at the market system, the infrastructure, and flexible solutions.



This report examines whether the Dutch industry can also adapt to possible disruptions in the future in future of sustainable energy technologies.

This current exploratory study examines the level and quality of knowledge on the basis of successfully completed research projects in this area.

This report provides insight into the expected additional shipping movements in the North Sea as a result of the construction, maintenance and dismantling of the wind farms on the NCP and the challenges this entails, both at-sea logistics and safety issues.


Knowledge dissemination

  • 2 March 2021: TKI Wind op Zee LIVE - System Integration

Together with Ruud van den Brink (TNO) and Frank Wiersma (TenneT), we are diving into the future of system integration. In addition, Bob Meijer discusses the TKI Wind op Zee program and various financing instruments. David Molenaar (Siemens Gamesa) will tell us more about the collaboration with Siemens Energy and the development of a solution that fully integrates an electrolyzer in an offshore wind turbine as one synchronized system to directly produce green hydrogen.