Knowledge nature and environment


In this dossier, we look at the net positive contributions, multi-system integration in wind farms, applications for emissions, and circularity & raw materials.



This report provides insight into the generation profiles for offshore wind energy and offshore solar energy for the Dutch economic zone of the North Sea, the impact of combining offshore wind and offshore solar energy on the business case, the balancing costs of the grid, and on the required optimum capacity of the TenneT infrastructure.

This research provides potential solutions that can reduce the risks of mult-use and facilitate its development. The insurability of multi-use risks is also highlighted.

This report highlights the major challenges related to the successful roll-out of such an enormous amount of offshore wind power.

This study has mapped out the relative suitability of existing, planned and possible future wind farm sites in the North Sea for a number of co-uses related to the cultivation of a number of shellfish and seaweed species and non-bottom-disturbing capture of a number of fish, crustacean and molluscs.


Knowledge dissemination

  • 8 november 2023- TKI Wind op Zee LIVE - Towards a positive impact on nature

The nature and energy transition are taking place simultaneously. It gives us the unique opportunity to let the sustainable generation of energy in the North Sea go hand in hand with ensuring that the North Sea is a robust nature reserve. We're not there yet. That is why in this broadcast we explore with Ingeborg van Splunder of WOZEP, Sibylle Giraud of Robin Radar, Tim van Oijen of Vogelbescherming Nederland (partner of Bird Life International) and André Craens of NWEA what steps we need to take together to achieve this goal.

  • 2 November 2021: TKI Wind op Zee LIVE – Circularity

At the table are David Molenaar (CEO Siemens Gamesa), Sophie Kwizera (Action Aid), Harald van der Mijle Meijer (TNO), Dorothy Winters (AYOP & Port of Amsterdam) and Nina Vielen-Kallio (ECHT) to explore how we build circular wind farms. Wim Robbertson of Business in Wind is visited by our vlogger Daan. Wim tells us all about his company and why he started dismantling, recycling and reusing onshore wind turbines.