Knowledge cost reduction and optimisation


Themes covered by the file cost reduction and optimisation include zero-breakdown, robotisation, the optimal design for a wind farm, standardisation and industrialisation of the chain, wind turbine technologies that can do this and additional technologies such as floating solar panels. On this page, we list the relevant publications and knowledge on the topic.



This report provides insight into the nature of future offshore wind foundations.

Offshore solar has a significant potential for zero-emission electricity production, but the technology is still at a relatively early stage of development. This report examines what is needed to scale up this technology in terms of costs, risks and circularity.

DNV has carried out research on life extension and optimal life cycle for offshore wind turbines, with the aim of identifying the approach to the design and operation of offshore wind farms that yield the lowest energy costs. Industry trends in business strategy and soil optimisation are also addressed.

Over the past decade, the industry has witnessed rapid growth in offshore wind turbine generator size coupled with a rapidly declining Levelised Cost of Energy (LCoE). This report looks at the growth curve and factors that may ultimately hinder this growth. It also looks at the potential of standardisation and industrialisation.

Electrification can make an important contribution to reducing the industry's CO2 emissions. This study investigates the relationship between realising the electrification potential in industry and the electricity price of offshore wind. Both direct electrification and indirect electrification via green hydrogen are being pursued and all without any subsidy.

This report contains an analysis of possible cost reductions in the offshore wind sector up to 2030 and beyond. The report was drawn up by TNO and BLIX Consultancy on behalf of RVO and TKI Wind op Zee.

This report provides insight into the development of shipping in the North Sea up to 2030 as a result of autonomous developments with the current wind farms, substantiation of shipping effects and necessary measures, costs and their effectiveness, and touching on building blocks to make policy choices.


Knowledge dissemination

  • 13 September 2022: TKI Wind op Zee LIVE – No hands on deck?

In this webinar, we talk about the available capacity to realise the energy transition at sea and how robotisation can play an important aspect in this. At the table are Barbara Oomen (Zeeland University of Applied Sciences), Koen Hermans (TNO), Bernadete Gonçalves Castro (Royal IHC), and Jan Jelle Huizinga (Bluestream Offshore). Our reporter Larissa visited two students in the offshore wind industry and Fieldlab Zephyros, where robots are invented and tested.

  • 17 May 2022: TKI Wind op Zee LIVE – Standardisation

This edition focuses on the optimal size of wind turbines and whether we should standardise the size of turbines in the industry or not. It discusses the results of the report on the optimal wind turbine size. At the table are Tamara Doria (DNV), David Molenaar (Siemens Gamesa), Wouter Dirks (Van Oord) and Mark Collier (Bureau Waardenburg). Gjalt Lindeboom of Seaqualize explains his position on standardisation.

  • 21 September 2021: TKI Wind op Zee LIVE – Maintenance

Failure to produce large volumes can have serious consequences and as the North Sea is becoming increasingly crowded, maintenance is also becoming increasingly complex. This webinar discusses the innovations to achieve a maintenance-free future and what we need to do so. This edition took place during the WCM Fieldlab Zephyros AIRTuB annual conference in Vlissingen.

  • 22 June 2021: TKI Wind op Zee LIVE – Floating Wind

This webinar discusses the potential of floating structures in deep water and the challenging business case that comes with it. At the table are Stephanie De Decker (Boskalis), Erik-Jan de Ridder (MARIN), Maurits Ornstein (SBM) and Peter Eecen (TNO, ERA). Our reporter Mascha visits Stephanie de Decker of Boskalis, who gives us insight into the future of drifting wind.

  • 18 May 2021: TKI Wind op Zee LIVE – The Future of Installation

In this edition, David Roodenburg (Huisman Equipment) will give a keynote address in which he will tell more about his vision for the future of installation and the latest trends and introduce their installation concept with one lift. At the table are Andrei Metrikine (TU Delft), Andries Hofman (GustoMSC|NOV) and Simon Lembrechts (TWD). In addition, Michel Kurstjens (SifIF) tells more about the latest developments and vision of SIF regarding the future of offshore installation.

  • 2 February 2021: TKI Wind op Zee LIVE – Cost Reduction and Optimisation

Together with Rene Moor (Min EZK) and Martijn Duvoort (DNV), we peek into the future of the North Sea. What opportunities does the North Sea offer for the growing offshore wind sector? We do this on the basis of the recently launched North Sea Energy Outlook. The report Pathways to potential cost reduction for Offshore wind energy is also discussed. Imke Maassen van den Brink (BLIX Consultancy) shares some insights from the report.