The Integral Knowledge and Innovation Agenda (IKIA) for the energy transition

The energy transition is a societal challenge that puts a high demand on the innovative capacity of the economy and society in all industry sectors. Innovation has been identified as being essential to the success of the Climate Agreement. The Integral Knowledge and Innovation Agenda (IKIA) that has been drawn up and includes the development of knowledge and product innovation to achieve the goal of reducing national greenhouse gas emissions by 49% in 2030 and 95% in 2050 compared to 1990.

This goal leads to the following mission statements:

A. A completely CO2-free electricity system in 2050
B. A CO2-free built environment in 2050
C. A climate-neutral industry with the reuse of raw materials and products in 2050
D. Emission-free mobility for people and goods in 2050
E. A net climate-neutral agriculture and nature system in 2050

The Integral Knowledge and Innovation Agenda (IKIA) consists of 13 multi-year mission-driven innovation programs (MMIPs) that give direction to specific development goals, and thereby contribute to the perspective that is needed in the construction, installation and energy sector to invest in the development of innovation.

IKIA overzicht MMIP's

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