FinancieringsLoket (Financing Desk)

Entrepreneurs in the energy sector who are looking for advice on how and where they can find financing for their innovation can consult the FinancieringsLoket. The conversations can be compared to a consultation with the doctor: analysis, diagnosis and advice. Topsector Energie provides this free service for innovative entrepreneurs.

To grow every company needs financing. A subsidy is one of the options for financing business activities. There are also other forms of financing (loans, equity), in which regional development companies, crowdfunding, banks, informal investors/ business angels and venture capitalists play a role.


1-on-1 advice

At the FinancieringsLoket, a specialized innovation manager deliberates with you your financing needs, discusses your investor readiness and, if necessary, refers you to other investors and finance organizations. The goal is to help entrepreneurs to get started easily. So that they can find the right financing more easily and bring their innovation faster to the market.

Masterclass Financiering and InvestorDay

The FinancieringsLoket is a joint initiative of the several TKIs of the Topsector Energie (TKI Urban Energy, TKI Offshore Wind, TKI New Gas,) and organizes as well two events: The Masterclass Finance and the InvestorDay.

During the Masterclass Finance, guest speakers from different financing organizations (VC’s, banks, crowdfunding, business angel etc.) will present their view, conditions and possibility of their financing activities.

During the InvestorDay, entrepreneurs can pitch their innovation and request for investment to investors. This event is meant for entrepreneurs who are looking for 100  k€ to 2 M€ of equity finance (shares in return for capital).

Keep an eye on the agenda on this website for events such as the Financing Masterclass and the InvestorDay.


Do you want to have a free consultation with one of the innovation managers of the FinancieringsLoket? Then contact Martin Weissmann via @email or 030-747 0027.