Film archive

Animation about the Dutch offshore wind sector

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Other wind energy film material

Ballast Nedam, Installation foundation Walney 2  Project film about Svanen 24 hours monopile installation (2011)


60-second video lectures about various questions about wind energy 
Gemini windpark  Project film about the installation of the largest offshore wind farm of the Netherlands (2017)
Learn Engineering Animation: How does a wind turbine work? (2015)
Klokhuis  TV episode about the construction of an offshore wind farm (2009) (Dutch)
Offshore wind works!  Reportage of TRT-journal about Belwind and Northwind (2013) (Dutch)
Offshore Wind Innovators  Film about pioneering and challenges in offshore wind (2017)
Siemens, how it all comes together at sea Company film about the installation of an offshore wind farm (2014)
Tennet, DolWin Alpha Installation  Company film about the installation of a substation (2013)
The Netherlands leading the way in offshore wind energy  Animation about the Dutch offshore wind sector (2016)
TopSector Energie  Compilation of interviews of 26 successful innovative projects (2012)
Vattenfall: dismantling offshore wind farm in NL Project film about the dismantling of offshore wind farm Lely Medemblik (2016)
Willem Wever  TV episode about: How many houses are provided with electricity by one wind turbine? (1995) (Dutch)