Archive of TKI Wind op Zee publications from before 2019

Here you find an overview of various publications that have been published (in cooperation with) the TKI Wind op Zee before 2019. 

Furthermore you can download several presentations - that have been given at events (co-)organised by TKI Wind op Zee. Or have a look at relevant footage and several links to interesting organisations and relevant information.

Ancillary Services

Report: Ancillary services from offshore windfarms in the Netherlands (2015)


Report: Long-term research challenges in wind energy – a research agenda by the European Academy of Wind Energy (2016)

Cost price and reduction

Report: Offshore Wind Cost Reduction Progress Assessment (2017)

Report: Cost reduction options offshore wind in the Netherlands (2015)

Report: International Comparison Cost Level OFW (2015)

Interesting article: Unravelling historical cost developments of offshore wind energy in Europe (2015)

Cyber Security

Report: Research recommendations Cyber Security for Offshore Wind Energy (2019)


Report: Lifecycle and de-commissioning offshore wind (2016)

Floating wind

Market study: Floating wind (2016)

Home market

PBL-report: Het belang van een thuismarkt voor de export van eco-innovaties (2016)

PBL-Essay: Eco-innovaties: Technologie voor windenergie (2016)

Exploratory study: Het belang van een Nederlandse offshore wind thuismarkt (2013)

Human Capital

Report: Economische effecten ruimtelijke toekomstscenario’s voor de Noordzee (in Dutch 2019)

Report: Employment analysis (2019-2023) of various fields of activities in the Dutch offshore wind sector (2019)

Integration in the energy system (storage, conversion, offshore grid)

Report: Overzicht van Nederlandse waterstofinitiatieven, -plannen en -toepassingen (2017)

International activities offshore wind

SET-Plan: Offshore Wind Implementation Plan (2018)

Long-term developments

Report: The Netherlands' Long-Term Offshore Wind R&D Agenda (2019)

Report: Large scale development of wind energy in the Netherlands, far offshore and after 2023 (2016)


Preliminary investigation: Servicelogistics in de wind op zee markt (2015)


Book: FLOW Concurrerend door samenwerking (2016)

Book: FLOW Competitive through cooperation (2016)

Shipping Report: Estimate shipping barriers large scale rollout offshore wind energy (2019)


PPS-toeslag (2018) in Dutch

Report: Offshore wind subsidy schemes & tax regimes in 6 European countries (2015)

Supply Chain

Report: Offshore wind supply chain assessment (2014)

System integration

TNO report: System Integration Offshore Energy; Innovation Project North Sea Energy (2016)

Test and demonstration

Report: Inventory offshore wind test sites, Demand & supply in the Netherlands (2016)

TKI Wind op Zee program

Program 2019 - 2020

Program 2018 - 2019

Kennis- en innovatieagenda wind op zee 2016-2019 (2015)

Roadmap 2015 - 2020

Underwater noise caused by piling of offshore wind foundations

Report: workshop 1 (2015)

Report: workshop 2 (2015)

Report: workshop 3 (2015)

Wave and tidal energy

Report: Dutch Wave & Tidal energy sector (2015)

Wind turbines

Report: Offshore wind turbine market developments in The Netherlands (2015)


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