WindDay 2021


Even more than before, we are looking critically at a sustainable path for economic recovery, in which the climate goals lead us to a liveable and future-proof society. Wind energy is an important accelerator for the green economy. But to fit wind energy into the energy system, a total change in the system is necessary. And there are still a lot of concrete tasks that the entire sector has to work on together with the government.

On September 30, the WindDay will take place in The Hague. An excellent opportunity, after a long period of mainly virtual meetings to have personal contact with peers again. On this day, various important keynote speakers will give their vision and we will work together in interactive sessions to find solutions. Afterwards you will have concrete tools with which you can take steps in this enormous transition.


The following challenges are central:

  • Wind farms at sea: additional TWh electricity available
    How do we fit all the electricity into our infrastructure systems?
  • Upscaling of renewable energy on land
    How are we going to realize the capacity from the RESs?
  • Scarce space  in the Netherlands
    How can we make optimal use of space in sustainable area development?
  • Stakeholder participation and support
    How to develop a project in such a way that people in the environment are also convinced of its importance?


TKI Wind op Zee organizes a track NextGen Wind Energy during the parallel sessions:

  • NextGen Wind Energy
    Take a look into the future; onshore wind and offshore wind innovations of the future are presented, a key-note speaker gives his or her vision of the future. In addition, you can meet people at the theme tables who want to work together on, for example, system integration or multi-use. The start-up zone contains of companies with new wind energy innovations that are looking for partners, launching customers, etc. In short: this track is about experience, inspiration and interaction.


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