WCM AIRTuB: Crawler inspection of wind turbine blades


On September 22, from 12:30-16:00 hours we organize the third meeting of a series of AIRTuB (Automated Inspection & Repair of Turbine Blades 2019 – end 2022) meetings during this year.

In this seminar, you will be informed with respect to the current and future crawler-based and other contact-type inspection devices for offshore wind turbine blades. You will be able to meet system developers, maintenance service providers, asset owners and researchers.

Preliminary program:

12:30h - walk-in lunch with demo’s in the KAAP

13:30h - welcome and opening & Zephyros AIRTuB update

13:45h - 14.45h 3 presentations by applied research institutes and/or asset owner

14:45h - coffee/tea break with demo’s

15:20h - 2 presentations by companies active in the field of inspection by crawlers

16:00h - netwerk drinks with demo’s

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