TKI Wind op Zee LIVE - Circularity

Afbeelding wind

On Tuesday the 2nd of November from 15.00 till 16.00 the 7th edition of TKI Wind op Zee LIVE on Circularity will be held.

The growing amount of wind turbines that will soon be decommissioned, pushes the sector to rapidly change to more circular ways of producing a wind farm. What does this circular wind farm look like? What techniques are necessary to make the end-of-life decommissioning of wind turbines more environmentally friendly? Where do we procure the needed materials, in what way, and how do we reuse them? What can we learn from other industries and what are the pitfalls? 

During TKI Wind op Zee LIVE – Circularity, our hosts Sophie van Hoytema and Bob Meijer will speak with David Molenaar (CEO Siemens Gamesa), Sophie Kwizera (Action Aid), Harald van der Mijle Meijer (TNO), Dorothy Winters (AYOP & Port of Amsterdam), and Nina Vielen-Kallio (ECHT) to explore the circularity of wind farms, together with you.

In our vlog, we will show you an alternative for the reuse of turbine blades.