Matchmaking Day TKI Wind op Zee 2020

Every year we organise our Matchmaking Day in February. During this event key players in the offshore wind sector meet and get information on the upcoming tenders in 2020 and new projects and the results of TKI Wind op Zee projects are presented.


The morning program is for participants in the TKI Wind op Zee only.



9.00 – 9.30

Registration and innovation market

9.30 – 10.30

Welcome Bob Meijer (TKI Wind op Zee)

Pitches of new TKI Wind op Zee projects

  • Winds of the North Sea in 2050, Remco Verzijlbergh (Whiffle)
  • Scour protection design for biodiversity enhancement in - North Sea Offshore Wind Farms, Tom van der Have (Bureau Waardenburg)
  • Autonomous SOV, Jeroen Hollebrands (IHC Holland)
  • Case Study for a Hybrid Energy Island Joint Industry Project, Erik-Jan de Ridder (MARIN)
  • Zephyros AIRTuB, Ferry Visser (Fieldlab Zephyros)

Presentations of finished TKI Wind op Zee projects

  • DOT, Reinder Jorritsma (DOT)

10.30 – 11.00

Break at innovation market

11.00 – 12.30 

Continuation of presentations of finished TKI Wind op Zee projects

  • Offshore Wind Turbine Blade Damage and corrosion Detection with Remote camera systems (BLADDER) (WIIP), Gerhard Reeling Brouwer (TNO)
  • Access System Utilisation Tool, Hans van Heemst (BMO)
  • Corrosiesensor voor Conditie-afhankelijk Onderhoud van Offshore Windparken, Guus Collegem (C-Cube)
  • LM Blade 107, High Yield Low Loads Enlarged Rotor (HYLLER) en Innovative offshore tips to improve wind farm yield (InnoTip), Lukasz Cejrowski (LM Windpower)
  • 3D Motion Compensation for Installation and Maintenance of large offshore wind turbine generators, Maarten van der Giessen (Offshore Wind Logistics B.V.)
  • Solar@Sea en Solar@Sea-II, Wim Soppe (SOLLIANCE SOLAR RESEARCH

The afternoon program is public and is organized together with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).



13.00 – 13.30

Registration and lunch at innovation market

13.30 – 14.30

Highlights of the new offshore energy innovation tender, Bob Meijer (TKI Wind op Zee)

with a contribution of Wijnand van Hooff (TKI Urban Energy) and Martin Weissmann (Offshore Wind Innovators).

An interview with Ruud Oerlemans (RVO) about tips and tricks for applying for innovation subsidies in 2020,

14.30 – 15.00

Break at innovation market

15.00 – 16.30

Parallel Matchmaking sessions

Zero breakdown & robotization
  • Ferry Visser (Fieldlab Zephyros)
  • Geert Timmers (Deutsche Windtechnik)
  • Taco Mets (Van Meeuwen)
  • Koen Hermans (TNO)
Optimal wind farm design
  • René Lindeboom (Ørsted)
  • Jasper Kreeft (SHELL)
  • Roderik Hoekstra (Deltares) 
  • Bernard Bulder (TNO)
Balance of plant optimisation
  • David de Jager (GROW)
  • Laurens Pots (TKF)
  • Wouter de Wildt (Van Oord)
  • Jelle Muller (Shell)
Integration in the energy system
  • Jörg Gigler (TKI Nieuw Gas)
  • René Peters (TNO)
  • Andreas ten Cate (TKI Energie & Industie)
Integration into the environment
  • Erik-Jan de Ridder (MARIN)
  • Luca van Duren (Deltares)
  • Josien Steenbergen (Wageningen Marine Research)
  • Christiaan van Sluis (de Rijke Noordzee)

16.30 – 16.45

Break at innovation market

16.45 - 17.15


Pitches at the innovation market: 5 innovative SMEs will pitch their innovations

Chair: Martin Weissmann (Offshore Wind Innovators)

  • Geowerf
  • League-geophysics
  • MX3D
  • Oceangrazer
  • TouchWind
17.15 - 18.15 Drinks at the innovation market


More information about the Matchmaking Sessions

The matchmaking sessions will focus on different topics. Herewith you find a short description per topic:

Zero breakdown & robotization

This session will focus on research and development of systems and methods to increase the operational reliability of a wind farm by limiting production failures due to malfunctions, repairs and maintenance. This can be achieved through innovative construction methods, the development of intelligent sensor and monitoring systems for below and above the waterline, applications of self-healing materials and components, and robotization of inspection and maintenance activities.

Optimal wind farm design

Research and development that aims to increase the production of wind farms. For example: optimization of turbines, better design of the wind farm, location aspects and clusters of wind farms. This also takes into account the space requirements of other users of the sea.

Balance of plant optimisation

This concerns methods aimed at improving all parts of a wind farm, with the exception of the turbines themselves. You can think of the foundations and the network connection as well as the components, from manufacturing to transport & installation and decommissioning.

Integration in the energy system

The integration into the energy system addresses the integration problem of very large quantities of sustainable electricity from the sea and possible solutions for this such as transport, storage, conversion, and chain coordination. However, there are costs associated with these flexible solutions that must also be reduced.

Integration into the environment

This concerns the development of methods for building wind farms in such a way that the negative effects of this use of space on other users of the North Sea (such as fishing, nature and the environment, shipping, alternative forms of energy extraction and food production at sea) are mitigated as much as possible. The intention is to stimulate positive effects as much as possible in the pursuit of a net positive contribution.

Find out more about these topics here (in Dutch)


We hope to meet you at our Matchmaking Day.


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