Investor Day Financing Desk Top Sector Energy

Investor Day van het Financieringsloket

Some innovative start-ups and scale-ups have to rely on attracting venture capital to fund their innovation. This is because of their rapid growth or because the process involves high development costs and the road to the market is long. To facilitate the financing needs and thus the growth of this specific group of start-ups and scale-ups, the Financieringsloket of the Top Sector Energy in cooperation with KplusV organises the "Investor Day".

Investor Day is a matchmaking event, where up to six companies can pitch their investment offer to 20 to 30 energy transition oriented investors. The companies are usually in the 'early stage' or 'early growth' phase and are looking for a capital injection of €100,000 to €2 million in exchange for shares in the company.

Looking for an investor?

Then pitch your investment offer during Investor Day on 11 November 2021. You can register your company until 25 October.


After registration, KplusV will contact you to go through the selection phase. You then go through the following steps:

  1. You send in an outline of the investment proposition.
  2. KplusV conducts a short interview.
  3. Among other things, KplusV assesses the extent to which the financing strategy fits the life phase of your company.
  4. Result of the selection
  5. If you are selected, KplusV will assist you in preparing your presentation during Investor Day.
  6. If you are not selected then you will receive follow-up advice from the Financieringsloket.


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