China Wind Power 2019


For years, China has been the world leader in wind power generation. Just by looking at the dazzling numbers of installed and anticipated onshore & offshore capacity, it is clear that the Chinese wind power market can’t be ignored. According to experts of Wood MacKenzie and FTI Consulting, China will become the largest offshore wind market after 2021. From 2019 onward, China will probably install 2 GW per year, raising to 4GW annually by 2025. With these numbers in mind, combined with the fact that new offshore projects will be developed further offshore – thus more complex to install – China remains interesting for Dutch wind energy companies.


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A very interesting HHWE mission to the Chinese provinces Jiangsu (Yancheng) and Guangdong (Guangzhou & Yangjiang) proved again the great interest of the Chinese stakeholders/developers for the foreign (Dutch) technology and experience.


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