About Energy Innovation NL


Our energy supply is changing. The fossil fuels we use for heat, electricity and transportation are making way for renewable energy sources and the role of a decentralized energy supply is increasing.

Accelerating this energy transition contributes to a vital and liveable society, wherein economic growth, social justice and a clean environment ensure that people love to live and work in the Netherlands.

Driving force innovations

Energy Innovation NL is the driving force behind the innovations needed to make the transition to an affordable, reliable, safe and sustainable energy system. Energy Innovation NL supports business, knowledge institutes, government and social institutions to collaborate towards the energy system of the future.

Energy Innovation NL stimulates new initiatives that accelerate the transition towards sustainable energy, creating new activity and the strengthening of the international competitive position of the Netherlands.

Energy Innovation NL focusses on the goals towards 2050 as stated in the National Energy Agreement, the Energy Agenda and by the EU member states. The aim is to achieve a fully sustainable energy supply and a CO2-reduction of 80 – 95% as opposed to the situation in 1990 by 2050. This gives direction to the innovations Energy Innovation NL stimulates. In the Energy Agenda four energy functions have been determined with corresponding transition paths. In 2017 these transition paths will be elaborated further. The innovations of Energy Innovation NL support the transition paths following this coherence.