Multi-use Procedure for offshore wind farms


Within the climate agreement, the North Sea has been designated as an important future contributor to the Dutch green energy supply by means of large scale wind farms. Between the turbines of these wind farms, large areas are available that can be used for food production, alternative energy production and nature development. However, offshore wind farms are complex industrial areas with many regulations to ensure safe and predictable production. For a multi-user to be able to operate in this area, careful alignment with the wind farm operator is required.

This is why the Multi-use Procedure was created. The Procedure aims to help multi-users in realisation of their multi-use concept in a Dutch wind farm. The procedure is available and usable for any type of multi-use. As such, it forms an informal and transparent process towards a permit application for all stakeholders involved. Once the multi-user and wind farm operator have completed the Procedure, the Multi-user is ready to apply for a “Waterwet-vergunning” permit for that specific wind farm. The benefit of following the Multi-use Procedure is that the wind farm operator is already in agreement with multi-user’s permit application: an important “tick in the box” for a successful permit process.

The Multi-use Procedure is a co-creation project between several stakeholders, including TKI wind op Zee, main players from the wind industry and the Community of Practice (CoP) Blue Innovation North Sea 2030. Noordzeeboerderij is project leader and content creator of this project. Smartland was asked to develop the Multi-Use Procedure visual. The project is commissioned by Topsector Energie & RVO.  

For more information and a clearer image of the visual, please visit the website of Noordzeeboerderij.