International conference on Multi-Functional Energy Islands


Artificial islands can play an essential role in the energy transition as offshore energy production becomes more and more important in the North Sea. To discuss the challenges and opportunities of these hubs, We@sea, with the help of Offshore Service Facilities (OSF) organises a two-day international online seminar, facilitating discussions on artificial islands in a professional setting, on April 7 (10:00 - 14:35) and April 8 (12.30 - 17.30) 2021.

In 6 sessions of one hour, with ample time in between, details will be presented by experts with discussion via chat and live online interaction. Topics as construction (fixed or floating), the role of offshore energy production and transport (electricity and hydrogen) in the energy transition, legal and ecological issues and opportunities for other applications like growing seaweed or O&M for the surrounding wind farms will be discussed. The conference will end by calling for action to quickly start the actual preparation of an energy island in the North Sea. Further research on all the future opportunities like economic: export of knowledge and securing green energy; technical: floating applications and ecological: building with nature to contribute to restoring the North Sea habitat should accompany the development.

So far the chairs of all sessions have confirmed and a large number of speakers - from Ministries, NGO’s and companies – as well. Chairs and speakers will coordinate their presentations in the coming weeks to give a concise introduction to the discussions. Please find the indicative program below.


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