Energy Talks&Drinks – The role of energy from water in the energy transition

Afbeelding Water

Recent climate change reports and CO2 reduction roadmaps and policies, including the IEA study Net zero 2050 and the EU Offshore Renewable Energy strategy, stress the urgency to increase renewable energy production (much more) rapidly. This includes energy from water, that seemed out of grace for some time, but now find itself back in the limelight. Dutch parliament recently passed three motions, appealing to government to be more supportive of energy from water solutions.

So where do we stand now in the Netherlands? What has happened in recent years, what developments have taken place and which companies are developing which solutions? Are we still ‘up-to-date’ or does it require engineers to also innovate themselves with new and different skills? What opportunities lie ahead for the offshore sector?

During the Energy Talks&Drinks, on Tuesday 16 November, we will address energy from water in the Netherlands. A short outlook will be presented, innovative entrepreneurs will share their innovations and we will pay attention to opportunities for students and (young) professionals can in this sector that is spearheading growth of the ‘Duurzame Blauwe Economie’.

This session is organized in cooperation with EWA, the Dutch Energy from Water Association.

17.00 hrs Word of welcome by Buccaneer Delft
17.05 hrs Opening and outlook by Peter Scheijgrond, Chairman of the Board at EWA and Director at MET-support
17.20 hrs Start-up (tbd)
17.40 hrs Start-up (tbd)
18.00 hrs Online Offshore Renewable Energy courses, developed under the ENCORE project
18.15 hrs Networking drinks

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