CO2 smart use

In the Netherlands, many companies already work on using CO2 as a feedstock in industry, agriculture and construction.

A lot of those companies have come together on the platform of CO2 Smart Use, see

But what do they deliver exactly, and how can we accelerate market demand for their products?

That's the main question to be discussed during our network event.

On May 18th from 14:00-17:00, we invite every party working on CCU solutions or policies to join us online.

During two separate blocks, you will have the opportunity to listen to inspiring experts from the field, and to discuss in small groups what their opinions and stories mean for your business and the CCU economy as a whole.

During the last part of this event, you will be able to meet one-on-one with several other attendees, as a way of replacing the usual ‘network drinks’ during live events, and being able to share thoughts and ideas.  

Participants can indicate in advance with whom they want to talk, and what they would like to know more about.

Interested? Sign up for free via Eventbrite!

More information about the speakers will follow, as well as the list of participants to be ‘matched’ to during the last block.